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The Sweetser Training Institute offers workshops and conferences designed to increase quality within the professional community that provide continuing education credit.

This snapshot provides a complete chronological listing of the courses being offered.

Schedule subject to change. Accurate as of 011/19/2018.

  SEPTEMBER 9/14 Ethics of Multiple Relationships - AT CAPACITY
  9/18 & 9/19 Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)
  9/28 Creating Resilience in School Age Kids and Adolescents
 OCTOBER 10/04 Family Transparency: ethical treatment of LGBTQ people, family issues and why we should care
  10/05 Treating Eating Disorders in a Weight-Biased World
  10/05 Ethical Issues with Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence - AT CAPACITY
  10/11 Restorative Retelling After Traumatic Loss
  10/12 & 10/25 Everything Your Kid Does Makes Perfect Sense
  10/19 Training in Aging Diversity (TRIAD) - AT CAPACITY
  10/26 Ethical Considerations for Counseling in the 21st Century - AT CAPACITY
 NOVEMBER 11/01 Treating Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in Adolescents
  11/02 Ethics Issues with Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence   -AT CAPACITY
  11/09 Advanced Training in Eating Disorder Treatment: when to ask for help...when am I not enough?
  11/30 My Ethical Responsibility to Social Justice
 DECEMBER 12/07  Play Therapy and Trauma - Introduction
  12/13 Rediscovering Resilience
  12/14 Advanced Clinical Supervision


Learn How to Provide Legal Protections for Your Loved One with Special Needs
January 01/08
 February 02/05 Special Needs Trusts
 March 3/05 ABLE Accounts

Spring 2019 WORKSHOPS
MARCH 3/08 Ethical Considerations for Counseling in the 21st Century
  3/15 The ACT Matrix: An Introduction to Acceptance Commitment Therapy
  3/21 Assessment and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
  3/22 & 4/04 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  3/29 Treatment Approaches for Children
 APRIL 4/04 Addictions Through an ACT Lens: Using an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Approach in Addiction Treatment
  4/05 Ethics of Multiple Relationships
  4/11 Family Caregiver Interventions for the Aging Population
  4/12 Ethical Issues with Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence - AT CAPACITY
  4/26 The Art and Practice of Family Therapy
 MAY 5/02 Psychosocial Assessment
  5/03 Healthcare Teams - Interdisciplinary Ideals
  5/10 Techniques and Tools to use with [and used by] Adults on the Spectrum
  5/10 Ethical Issues with Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence
  5/16 Ethical and Clinical Considerations in Rural Psychotherapy
  5/17 The Spirit of Motivational Interviewing Across the Lifespan
  5/23 Meditation in the Classroom
  5/31 Advanced Techniques for Working with Complex Families
 JUNE 6/07 Neuropsychology and Clinical Topics in Neurocognitive Functioning
  6/14 My Ethical Responsibility to Social Justice


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"I like that you brought in non-traditional families. Excellent and so NOT boring. Lots of tools given and explanations of why we do what we do were all good take-aways."

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